Traum der Astronomen: Der Gamsberg
Astronomer's dream: the Gamsberg table mountain

The Gamsberg mountain in Namibia ranks amoung the best locations for astronomers worldwide: 220 astronomically usable nights per year with exceptionally good seeing conditions render this location comparable with famous observatory sites like La Palma, Hawaii or the Chilean Atacama desert. Formerly intended as a possible site for a large southern observatory of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, nowadays the Gamsberg is available for the IAS amateur astronomers.  

Hakos Astrofarm with the  IAS-Observatory
Hakos Astrofarm with the  IAS-Observatory

In sight of the Gamsberg the IAS operates another observatory with several large telescopes on the area of Hakos Astrofarm. Observation conditions are almost as good as on top of the Gamsberg. In a double roll-off roof building are set up a 20“-Cassegrain telescope and a 20“- Newton astrograph as well as a 20”- Ritchey-Chrétien telescope in a 4.2m dome. A smaller 3m dome hosts a Gemini G41 mount, which can be combined with different telescopes. Another roll-off roof protects our C14 on a large fork mount.  External piers, some with mounts can be equipped with own instruments.