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IAS Remote-Teleskop 10" Newton, Montierung 10 Micron GM3000, Hauptkamera QHY 268M, in der Hakos Remote-Box
IAS Remote-Teleskop 10" Newton, Montierung 10 Micron GM3000, Hauptkamera QHY 268M in der Hakos Remote-Box

After reconfiguration in August/October 2022, the IAS remote observatory at Hakos is now equipped with a 10" Newtonian.

Optical design: Newtonion

Aperture: 10" / 254 mm

3" corrector: TS-Optics 1.0x, full frame

Focal length: 1149 mm; f/4,5

Camera: QHY 268M; 6.252 x 4.176 3,76 µm pixel; filter wheel CFW3M-US

Frame: 1,2° x 0,8°; 0,67 "/pixel

Filter: 36 mm Chroma LRGB, Ha, OIII, SII 8 nm

Guiding camera: QHY OAG; QHY 174M; 5,87 µm pixel; 1,05 "/pixel

Mount: 10Micron GM 3000 HPS

Accessories: PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox V2

Computer: Thomas Krenn LES plus, Windows 10 (Englisch)

Software: RemoteUtilities or AnyDesk; N.I.N.A; Cartes du Ciel; additional utilities

The IAS remote telescope is registered with observatory code M49 at the IAU Minor Planets Center.

Coordinates: 23° 14' 11.3" S / 16° 21' 42.2" E / 1825 m

Thanks to the work of our members, the expertise of Dieter Husar and the automation developed by Martin Junius, the remote telescope was very busy since March 2023 and contributed to more than 200 MPECs (as of Oct 2023). Click here for a complete overview at MPEC Watch.

Most likely easy to guess that the GM3000 mount will support bigger things to come. The 20" f/3 Newtonian "Lukas" is located nearby, but still awaiting proper collimation, which is a severe challenge for such a fast system.

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